Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Busy weekend

 Gene and I had a very busy weekend.  We spent Saturday in Sun City (a retirement community a little over an hour from our home.)  Gene's dad (98 1/2) was all decked out for a belated Father's Day celebration.   About 40 family members came to wish him well.  He looks great doesn't he?  He is pictured with a granddaughter, Clare.

 .....and then Sunday we went to a Change of Command ceremony at Camp Pendleton.  Our son-in-law's brother was being honored.  His family flew down from the Seattle area for the big day.  We had never been to  this type of ceremony.    It was really impressive. 

For months now, I have looked at this angel and thought she would be a great give away.  She is one of my Annie Angel patterns.  You all are such angels to follow along with me......I know she would like to live with one of you.....So, make a comment on my blog by Saturday (the last day of June) and I will have Nick and Sophie pick a name when they get here.  (Only 6 more days!)

     Today is my only day home this week....I am working and teaching a LOT this week.  My sister Kathy is on a well deserved vacation.  We will have a houseful of company all next week, so I plan on spending the day cleaning....(I'd much rather sew)  We are getting sprinklers in our side yard and all the dirt from there is now inside!   It is going to be a LONG day.   :)))))

   I better start before I convince myself not to!  Don't forget to comment....Jo Ann

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cause for Celebration

 Our grandson, Collin "graduated" into Middle School this last Monday.......By the end of fifth grade he and his friends sure are ready to make the move.

Here he is with some of the guys.....I think they were all ready to have the folks stop taking photos!  They are ready for summer to start!

Speaking of summer, the summer class schedule at the Loft is well on it's way....This is Fall Branches, one of my classes in late July.
       Come join us for one or more of our Summer Nights.....Friday night classes with dinner included!  Check the schedule at www.cloft.com    Hope your summer is off to a great start!                                                                                                                                                                        

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grand Old Flag

Are you getting all ready for a family July 4th celebration?  John, Nick and Sophie will be down to join us this year.  My niece and her husband host a big family party each year (we twisted their arms about 5 years ago :)))  There are 75 to 100 people there....lots of food and fun!

      This Uncle Sam is a "store" stitchery......one I design for a kit at The Country Loft.  I love using variegated threads....they just give the nicest look. 

     I am off to have coffee with my mom and my nephew and his family who are visiting from the Philippines....Mom's house is fully booked with visitors this summer.  With 6 kids and 17 grands and over 30 greats she has a lot of us to entertain!

                 Have a fun Wednesday!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Proud Moment

Tuesday evening Gene and I went to a celebration for all the scouts in San Diego County who had earned Catholic Scouting awards.  Both Collin (on the left) and Pierce (on the right) worked hard this year to be among those honored.....After the ceremony the Bishop stayed on and had about 50 million pictures taken (or at least I am sure that it felt like that many)!

    CONGRATULATIONS you two!  You did good!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Portland weekend

 Saturday, Gene and I flew up to Portland.   I had planned on going for our grandniece Molly's high school graduation, but at the last minute Gene came along.  I wish that it was just for the graduation, but our son-in-law John lost his father last week after a long illness and we were there for a mass to  celebrate his life  too. I am so glad that there have been some bright spots (like births and graduations) in this year, because we have had a lot of sadness to deal with.....

We had not seen our grandkids in a few months and they had grown so much!  We took them to breakfast on Sunday to one of their (and our) favorite places....The Cadillac.  Sophie highly recommends the Mickey Mouse pancakes!

 .....and then we went to visit Megan....The spot where her bench lies is just so peaceful..... her father-in-law will be at rest just a few feet away....

We did have some time for just hanging out....and the kids loved our new I-Pad.....Nick would have been happy if we left it for them.....but Grandma likes it too!

I was able to stay through yesterday with them and Sophie and I spent the day playing.  They will be down for a visit in July and get to stay 10 days.....we will have a lot of time for spoiling!

  Tonight Pierce and Collin (our oldest grandsons) are receiving Catholic Scouting awards that they have been studying for all year.  This time of year really keeps us busy.  

Hope you are finding time in your busy lives to sew and stitch....Jo Ann