Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Great Saturday

What a day we had last Saturday for the Quilt Show and Sale.....The shop was wall to wall people and I am so glad that we got a shot of the mantle, because it is on it's way to getting stripped.  It was so great to see so many old and new faces. 

    The Sew for the Cure Sale was as always a BIG HIT.  We took in $9500 on Saturday and yesterday Susy and I took in about $500 more. .....all of it goes to breast cancer research.  

      I taught last night and it was a fun time.  Something about a night class gets everyone talking and solving all of the world's problems....:)))  ....and a lot of stitching got done too.   The Fall schedule is out....and sign-ups are in full swing.  Come join us .

       I am baking cookies as I write this.  I have to keep my students happy!  Hope you are having a great start to your day.....Jo Ann

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yesterday I finished my samples for my new classes in the Loft's Fall Schedule....You've already seen two of them....and here is Frosty.  He is all set for winter....dreaming of a snow he will never see here in San Diego...:)  The big news is that the class patterns are at the printer....It is always my goal to finish them all before the class open house, but it doesn't get done that often.....So, I am excited!

    I am off to the Loft to price the quilt's for the Sew for the Cure Sale on Saturday.  I am meeting with Tina and Karen this morning.  It usually takes us all day and it is hard to put a price on all the hard work that goes into people's donations.  If you live locally, I hope you will be able to make it to the shop to join us for a fun day. 

     Bye for now.....Jo Ann

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall Dreaming at Brown Bag

Last Friday we tried to ignore the LONG HEAT WAVE hitting San Diego and we did a little fall dreaming in Brown Bag.  We made papier mache jacks and cats.  

Megan and Gina, longtime brown baggers asked if it was ok for them to bring their daughters to a Brown Bag before I retire and it was so much fun having them there.  All four of the girls are totally into sewing and were among the first done.

Here are Megan, Ruby and Nolia putting the finishing touches on their containers....

......and here are some of the women in the afternoon group painting away.  It was so hot that the paint on the first container was dry before they finished the second.  I know that they were happy to go inside and start stitching!

.....and another brown bag day is done.....and I need to put on my thinking cap and design next month's.  (brown bag is a class once a month that you sign up for without knowing what you will make....it is packaged in a "brown bag".....)

I hope things are cooling off for you.....and that you have a great week.....Jo Ann

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Snow Secrets

Yesterday I finished stitching my new snowman for the fall class schedule at the Loft....I stuffed it in my sewing bag to take and share at Wool Crazy last night, so there are many wrinkles (it was still slightly damp from tea dying)...but I think you can get the idea...:)))  I always think that I will leave it natural....and then I can't resist a bit of dye at the end.....It is just always too white! 

    Today, I am to start on "Frosty"...you guessed it.....I am on a roll with snowmen....Maybe because it is ninety degrees here and I am sooooo tired of HOT!   (and of course this is my only way to get snow)

  Stay cool today and I hope you are having fun!    Jo Ann

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sew for the Cure

All year long the dedicated women of Sit and Stitch at the Country Loft work on quilts and projects for the annual Sew for the Cure Sale.  The front yard of the shop is covered with wonderful handmade projects and they are all sold very reasonably.  Last year they dedicated the sale to my daughter Megan's treatment.  The money was such a help to Megs and her family as she fought her battle against cancer.  (thanks again all of you).  The sale will be August 25th this year.  I am donating the runner you see here to the sale.  Donations are always gladly accepted!  If you have a quilt, runner, wallhanging, etc that you would like to donate, just make sure you get it to the Loft by Wednesday,  August 22nd.  For more information you can call 619 466-5411. 
     I hope you didn't melt this weekend.  San Diego was a bit WARM!  Have a great Monday...Jo Ann

Friday, August 10, 2012

This girl has been busy

Last night I received an email from Karina (my student who inspired me to make the tree-skirt) and she sent me this photo of all of the UFOs she has finished!  I was so impressed that I just had to share them with you.  She is really on a roll! 

    Hope she inspires you too and that you have a fun weekend sewing....

        My best, Jo Ann

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crazy Tree Skirt

 I have thought of making a crazy tree skirt for quite awhile.  Karina, who is a student in one of my ongoing wool crazies has been working on a huge one and it inspired me to finally get to it.  Mine is about 31" across....and full of wool plaids......and then LOTS of snowmen.....

I still need to give the "men" some eyes and of course back the whole thing, but it is almost done.  It is going to be one of my fall classes at the Loft.  The new class schedule is in the works, so I best get busy and finish it.  I started a new stitchery on my trip....but I was to busy being grandma to stitch much....:))))

      It is going to be HOT here the next few days.  Maybe I should crank up the air and pretend that it is cold enough for these snow guys.....Jo Ann