Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More crazies from The Country Loft

Hey everyone....I have been going crazy trying to get things ready for my booth at Quilt Market in Minneapolis. I am not sure why my list is getting longer the more that I work...but it is! If you are planning on going come by and see me. My booth number is 3705 and right next door to me will be my good friend Kathy Cardiff doing her first market....The Cottage at Cardiff Farms...#3707. She is very excited and very scared, so come say Hi to her...:))))

Several week ago I shot photos of another crazy quilt in one of my on-going classes. This one is by Mary Lopez. She does beautiful work and I knew that you would like to see it. She is actually working on her 4th block, but I only have 2 of them to show...She has a great way of adding stitches to her appliques.. Don't you love them?

...and she loves to fill in almost every inch of it....

Here are some close ups of her stitching....

...I love the detail she added to her fence..

...and look at this great combination of stitches on her joins...

I know that Mary's work will give you lots of ideas to add to your own quilts.

Be sure to check in this weekend for our continuing Round Robin Crazy Pincushion....I know what I am putting on Pat's but it is still on that never ending to-do list!!!! Rest assured it will be ready for Saturday's post!!!!

Hope you can take some time to stitch today ......Jo Ann


  1. OMG that is unbelievable. I need to start one of those quilts. I love all the ones I've seen so far.
    Good luck to both of you at market. You and Kathy will do great!!! Wish I were there to see you. Hopefully in Houston!!

  2. That gals work is amazing. I have been following the pincushion round robin and the more I see of these crazy wool projects the more I want to do them. I think I am hooked. Must go shopping and get some supplies.

  3. Hi JoAnn!!
    The lucky ladies in Minneapolis!! I think next year you NEED to have a booth at the Road to California!! ;o)
    Mary's work is incredible!! I can see you could work on this quilt FOREVER!! Love everything about it!! Take care and have fun!!

  4. That is amazing! I haven't started mine, but will use the pictures you post for ideas. Thanks so much!

  5. WOWSER ... I really need to do one these! Might even give up sock knitting for awhile.

  6. Sounds like Mary inspired you!!! You guys should jump right in....although we should post a warning that it is addictive...:)))

  7. I'm working on Benda's block.. can't WAIT to share.. and I'll see you in MN!!!!!

  8. Mary's work is gorgeous! There are all kinds of fun things to find in her work! I got a basket finished on my vintage wool piece last week. Going to add a spider web next and while I don't like spiders, they seem to be common in old crazy quilts so I'm going to add one for good luck. :-)

  9. I saw Mary yesterday and told her about all your wonderful comments...she was really happy that you all liked her "crazy"

  10. These are beautiful! They offer so much inspiration and spur on the imagination - thanks for sharing!

  11. SMM...
    Those crazy quilts are an incredible work of art; they seem to go on and on with creativity as they are stitched. Thanks for posting them on this blog to inspire all of us!

  12. I am hoping to start mine soon. I love Mary's stitching! I'd like to see pictures of all her blocks! Her stitching is incredible!