Thursday, July 28, 2011

We've always thought she was famous!

The new Primitive Quilts and Projects is out and we are all excited. The Happy Birthday section has a photo of my mom and a small article about her too! We've always known how great she is and now you can too! She is shown above with my twin brother, Jim. Last night I was telling my on-going Wool Crazy class about it and they thought I should have mentioned how she still bakes for The Country Loft's special events. She is definitely a woman of many talents.

Jim and Mom are already raising a glass so let's all join them to toast Gert Peabody!

(Thanks for all the comments about the new look for the blog. We are looking into adding something else to the header, but so far that is all the set-up will allow....Andy is trying to figure a way around it.)

Timothy (my 6 year old grandson) is spending the day today and I think I hear him getting up, so I best close. Have fun today.......Jo Ann

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


All my grandkids are hoping that we finally figured out how to link with Facebook.

Andy to the rescue

This morning my son Andy came over to help his technologically challenged mom update her blog......How do you like our changes?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Diego visitors

Megan is here in San Diego this week working at the downtown Old Spaghetti Factory. She is in their interior design department and they are working their magic on a change just in time for Comic Con. This photo with Sophie was taken right before I left Portland. Gene and I are really looking forward to spending a few days with Megs after her work is done!

Ever since I moved back from Portland there have been loads of "Peabody" visitors to San Diego. (My maiden name is Peabody) My mom's home has had full capacity since late June. We were all very excited to meet the newest member of the family....Zadie. My niece Teal and her husband Wai Lee adopted her from China just a few months ago. What a sweetie she is.

We all loved getting to spend some time with her and her brother Wes Lee....Here he is with his cousin Tiernan. Wes Lee came from Colorado and Tiernan and his family from the Phillipines for the family gathering.

Our newly remodeled house has already been the scene for two family parties in two weeks. I think things will settle down soon though and my sewing room will see a lot more action.

I spent the day at the Loft yesterday. Camp Loft started. Everyone was in great spirits and having loads of fun. If you have a free day this week and live in the area, I hope you have a chance to join in.

I am off to pack some orders and then SEW! Hope you find time to sew today too!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Material Girl

Yesterday was my first day back working at The Country Loft in 9 months. It was such fun to see so many of my friends come in. At a store like the Loft people do not stay customers long.... they are soon your friends. I will be working Mondays, so if you are in the area stop by and say "HI".

This stand is in the middle fabric room....and the sign "Material Girl" says it all about us fabric junkies. Every time I cut fabric for someone I thought...."Oh I need some of that". Needless to say I have quite a "STASH".

I start teaching again this Friday with a Brown Bag. I made up 50 kits last week and it looks like we have a full house. My sister Kathy has been wearing several hats while I was gone and has been hosting the classes. She did a great job!

Today I am finishing a project for the new "Primitive Quilts and Projects" magazine for their Winter issue. If you haven't seen this magazine you will want to. It is wonderful! I only have to put a back on my project and tweak the directions and it will be ready to send off.

Happy Tuesday to all of you......Jo Ann

Friday, July 8, 2011

Back in San Diego

Well, I am back in San Diego and finally feel moved in. While I have been up in Portland Gene has been living through a remodel of our bedroom and well as new flooring and lighting in 2 rooms and new lighting in the entry and 3 new decks. Our sunporch had become a storage unit and was inches deep in I had my work cut out for me!

I thought you might like to see the outside of the house....When I bought the paint about 15 years ago the guys at the paint store said that they never mixed these colors for San Diego, but that they were very popular in the Midwest and East coast...but they were just what I wanted. I am not a fan of palm trees, so you don't see those near my home either....:))))

....and here is the entry....I had the workmen (our son, Tim and his buddy) deck the entry. I have always wanted to have it covered in wood...and since they were making 2 other decks I thought the timing was perfect.

.....this is the the remodeled bedroom....still nothing on the wall over the bed. My friend Raffael made this quilt for is out of one of the "Thread" books by Renee Nanneman....don't you love it! We had them take out windows in this room and put in french doors that go out on a deck....

....and here is the new bathroom....we had them take out a wall between the shower and the main part of the bathroom...and take out a lowered ceiling is so nice to have room...and not have to share a sink with Gene! They also added a wall and door to separate the bed and bath.....LOTS of hard work....but sooooo nice!

We've had company staying in my studio the last week and they will be heading off tomorrow, so I finally plan on getting some JAM work done. If only the house would stay clean without my help....:)))

Hope you all had a good 4th of July and are not sweltering too much. It is HOT here! I am waiting for the air conditioning technician to come by so that I can crank up the air and start stitching......Hope you find some time to stitch too! Jo Ann