Monday, October 31, 2011


Last Friday morning Megan, Sophie and I went out for a quick bite at a favorite place of theirs in Northwest Portland....Elephants...

We always enjoy their pastries and coffee (or in Sophie's case hot chocolate)....but all of the wonderful displays keep your eyes busy as well...

Who could resist these tick or treat bags? .....and I loved this display of pumpkins.....

It really got you in the spirit of the day.....I hope that your day is filled with lots of treats and very few tricks. If you are in La Mesa stop by the Loft and trick or treat Sharon and I.

Happy Halloween....Jo Ann

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to Portland

Tomorrow morning I fly up to Portland for a visit. I had blocked out these days to go to Houston for Quilt Market....but I wasn't quite together for that! So, I figured I would go up and see Megan, John and the kids.

This photo was taken last year right after I moved up there to help out. I am looking forward to seeing the fall leaves. Houses in Portland are all decked out for Halloween and it is such fun to go down the streets and check them out.

Megan will be having the 4th infusion of Ippy while I am there. We won't find out the results until late November or even early December. Thanks again so much for all of your words of encouragement....they mean so much....

I have been out of my studio since mid-August when we got a long term house guest. It was so exciting to move back in a few weeks ago....Now I can make those late night and early morning visits.....We got a new bed for our guest....and it is very tempting ....:)))) The pillows on it were gifts that I gave to The Country Loft fall birthday girls..

Have a great week, Jo Ann

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The mystery is solved......

Last week I finished my mystery quilt! It is now hanging in the Loft all done...and the pattern is back from the printer and mom is folding it. It is a mystery no longer, but has come together as Folk Branches. I am about ready to start the borders on a wool version and hope to put them together (with some small projects) in a book by Spring....It is the Country Loft's stitchery block of the month for this year.....

For the first time in almost a year I taught doll classes on Friday and Saturday at The Loft....whenever I teach you can make the doll I offer or one of my old ones that you might have missed....Clara decided to do "Little Ones" is the girl all dressed for Halloween. Clara is doing hers in Christmas colors....(the dolls did not eat the goodies on the table....I think that the sewers took care of them)

Susan is busy putting on hair for her Stardust Annie.....

....and here is Kay's finished doll. She is covered in stardust with a little help from old fashioned mica.

Tammy is almost done with hers....She gave her a great wool skirt. We all had a great time being back together. The dolls take on such different personalities as their makers work on is so fun to watch!

Hope you are enjoying fall weather today.....we have high 90' is way too hot for October!!!!

Happy Sewing...Jo Ann

Thursday, October 6, 2011

In the Woods

I got an email from Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine with a sneak peek at my project that will be in the winter issue.....

You know I love easy and quick and this table mat is both. It will be a good one to use for gifts. You'll be able to make LOTS of them!

You can find the magazine soon at your favorite quilt shop (of course The Country Loft carries it)...or if you subscribe for a year (and mention you heard about it on my blog) you can get a free pattern.

I have been working on blocks of the month this week. I put the binding on and worked on the finishing pattern for Folk Branches (my mystery quilt). Then I drew lots of the stitcheries for Alphabet Tags....Hopefully I will be able to stitch some soon and give you a look... It will be the stitchery block at the Loft next year.

We've had rain in San Diego the last few days and it just makes me want to scoot down in my favorite chair and sew. So far not too much of that has been happening.

Hope your Thursday has been a good one.....Jo Ann