Sunday, September 30, 2012


It didn't matter that it was in the mid 80's on Saturday.....We were all  dreaming of snow in my Frosty class....and we even got some (the canned variety)  It was such fun watching these snowmen come to life...

......I didn't get pictures of all of them, but the 15 women in class almost all left with a little bit of winter clutched in their arms. 

     Let's hope that the weather here finally decides to become a little chilly.  We are all ready for a little cool weather!

    Happy Cool Thoughts to you.....Jo Ann

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A new look

Yesterday, our new living room furniture was delivered.   Many years ago we got a chair and ottoman for this room and both of us LOVED it....we were like little kids with musical chairs!  If it was empty we both wanted to sit there......So this time we solved this problem....We got TWO chairs with 2 giant ottomans (we figured with retirement we might really need them both)

.......and here is the lonely couch on the opposite side of the room.....I was a little worried about the rusty red fabric....but I really like it now they are here.  I spent yesterday rearranging everything in the living room, den and sun porch....and of course doing some heavy duty cleaning......(it is amazing what ends up under a couch)......

I am off to the Loft today for 3 Wool Crazy classes.  Some of the members have been coming since the beginning.....I think it is six years now!  Talk about dedication.  Bye for now....Jo Ann

Monday, September 17, 2012

FALL dreaming

  I am ready for fall weather!!!!!  San Diego has been HOT for the last at least 6 weeks and everyone is really tired of it!   I was having a hard time getting enthused about going into the attic and getting out my fall decorations, but last week I finally did! 

.......this table is in my entry....and the piece above is in our little tv room.....

......and this is in the living room...right in front of the fireplace.  We have never used our fireplace in the 26 years we have lived here.  Maybe it is time to call a chimney sweep....I wouldn't want to rush into it or anything! 
    The sunflower wreath was made for Megan's services....she loved sunflowers...everytime I look at it I remember how excited she got when she'd buy some for her home. 

The official first day of autumn is this coming I wasn't too early at all getting all these pumpkins out......Hope you have fun decorating your home.....Jo Ann

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Rose for Megan

My son-in-law John sent me this photo yesterday.....It is a bloom on the rose bush he had planted in Megan's memory in the new rose garden at The Madeleine..... This is the parish they were married in and Megan's funeral was.   Megs loved roses....and John loved giving them to her.

......and here is the bush.....

....and the marker in Megan's honor.....

....and John and the kids at the ceremony.....They also added a rose for John's dad who left us in May. 

     Thanks so much all of you who wrote about Gene's dad.  Almost all of his children spoke at the rosary and the mass and it was so interesting to hear how each of them saw him in a little different way.  The priest who offered the mass was the son of one of his best friends in grammar school and high school....and he too had some tales to tell.  We all touch so many people in our lives and even the smallest encounter may be a lasting one......You just never know when or where it will be. 

      My best to all of you as you step out to encounter your week.....Jo Ann    


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Early Wednesday morning we lost Gene's Dad.  He lived a long life (he would have been 99 in December)....but it is still hard to see him go.

This is a photo of him taken one day when he just arrived home from work.  He had many jobs over his life, but he worked the longest as a construction plumber.  

.....and here he is just recently.  He was a great talker and story teller and had written many books about his we can continue to share his thoughts for years to come.  He loved politics and a good argument and he was happiest when someone would spar with him.

Goodbye Pierce James will be missed!