Monday, September 17, 2012

FALL dreaming

  I am ready for fall weather!!!!!  San Diego has been HOT for the last at least 6 weeks and everyone is really tired of it!   I was having a hard time getting enthused about going into the attic and getting out my fall decorations, but last week I finally did! 

.......this table is in my entry....and the piece above is in our little tv room.....

......and this is in the living room...right in front of the fireplace.  We have never used our fireplace in the 26 years we have lived here.  Maybe it is time to call a chimney sweep....I wouldn't want to rush into it or anything! 
    The sunflower wreath was made for Megan's services....she loved sunflowers...everytime I look at it I remember how excited she got when she'd buy some for her home. 

The official first day of autumn is this coming I wasn't too early at all getting all these pumpkins out......Hope you have fun decorating your home.....Jo Ann


  1. Your fall decorating is lovely. I've take out a few wool pumpkins but I better wait until this weekend for more decorating.

  2. Thank you for sharing Jo Ann - your decorations are lovely. It is fall here in New England. Last night we drove to a friend's house for bunches and bunches of freshly picked apples - today I drove around and left colorful bags on friend's door knobs - full of nice crisp fall apples - yum!!! My heart remains in Portland, Oregon as I know your's does - I wonder how the weather is there??? Blessings to you - and wishing you a wonderful fall season. Kindest regards, holly gleason

  3. Your fall decorating is inspiring me! It looks great. I definitely need to get mine out! It makes a place so cozy!

  4. So pretty!! I love sunflowers too- they really shout autumn!!

  5. It HAS been hot here! And we are looking at near 100 for the weekend. Whew! I miss you all...Mark and I are trying to get our schedules together to come visit. Hope to see you soon!

  6. love your fall decorating and your new furniture too! enjoy!