Friday, September 30, 2011

Still Wool Crazy

I must be the world's worst about taking photos. I have four ongoing wool crazy groups at the Loft and every time they meet I swear that I will take some photos....and I always forget! Well, finally at my last group of the month I remembered!

I love seeing them in progress....and how each person adds their own touch....The one above is Joan's.....she is trying out some stitching on her joins.....

....and this one is Arlene's.....don't you love the candy corn?...and the spider web?

.....and although it is not a crazy I thought you might like to see the start of my mystery quilt....Folk Branches being put together. I am hand quilting it (huge utility stitches in pearl cotton).....I never quite know how a quilt will be finished until it is done.....and I do have to make a finish it up pattern before December.

I am spending the day with my Mom today. It is always fun to have some time to chat and hear her great stories from her childhood in Nebraska. Tomorrow is her 93rd birthday.

Have a great Friday....Jo Ann

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pirates in Portland

Last Thursday Gene and I took an early flight to Portland. We hadn't seen Megan in a couple of months and her family for almost three. We had a great time going to Nick's football practice, Sophie's ballet class and then Nick's soccer game..... Finally Saturday afternoon we helped Sophie celebrate her fourth birthday.....

Megan draped the den with crepe paper and hung some balloons....It was a pirate party. All the kids got pirate bandanas and eye patches and plastic swords. They had a great time eating pirate cupcakes and pirate booty.....

.....and going on a treasure hunt ....Gene and I hid the clues that Megan had made at the school ...on a bridge....and in the park (all within 2 blocks) and the "pirates" swarmed after them...

This is Sophie coming off the bridge....The final clue took them back to the house to find their treasure (the party goodie bags) in a chest.....

I don't know about the kids, but the grandparents were tired out ! What fun to be there and to get to be part of the celebration.

Next time you are in Portland watch out for pirates!

Friday, September 16, 2011


I want to thank Nancy of who just ran a give away for my daughter Megan's Fund......and also a special thanks to her friends, Sharon and LaVon who donated such wonderful prizes. You guys are the BEST!

Go on over to her blog and find out who the winners are. Thanks so much to all of you who donated. Megan is just overwhelmed by all your love and generosity.

Hugs to you are all wonderful.....Jo Ann

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There is something about cats and jack-o-lanterns that I just love. When I teach a class at the Loft I usually give a free pattern to those who come to class....and this is the one I gave out to my Wool Jacks classes. I finished him off with some of the new Primitive Gatherings needle and wool cottons that I couldn't resist at the shop. (I bet some of you thought the borders were wool :))))

I had lots of fun making is definitely quick and easy. Kathy is going to kit some of them up for those of you who missed out at class time.

Have you decorated for FALL yet?

Pumpkins just seem to brighten the day....Jo Ann

Sunday, September 11, 2011


It is that time of year all over the country! Soccer season has started. Our Saturdays will now be spent watching our grandkids play....but look at how considerate my three oldest grandkids are. They all picked #10 as their number! They wanted to make it easier for the old grandparents to remember who to cheer for.

...and the first day was beautiful. It was in the low 70's with a kind of weather!

Hope your week is a "10" and someone cheers for you too.....Jo Ann

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Halloween Stitchery

I love Fall and I love designing fall projects! In my last post I showed you my new classes..I am so sorry that the patterns for these are not for sale yet......but then I remembered that I do have a new stitchery at the Loft that is! You can buy this as a kit by calling The Country Loft (619 466-5411). Just ask them for "Halloween Cat". The kit includes the pattern and the fabric you need to make it with (including batting and backing) for $12.95....

As you can see by the stitcheries I have been doing this past few months that I am really into adding x's inside almost all my designs. Of course you can do the stitchery without them, but they almost look nude to me now....:))))

I changed the decorations in my house to Fall on Saturday. My grandson Timothy is always thrilled when a new season goes up in the house....and my husband is too because it means that the house gets clean...:))) (I ask you, isn't sewing more important?)

Hope your week has gotten off to a great start.....Jo Ann

Thursday, September 1, 2011

FALL classes

Last Saturday the fall class schedule came out at the Loft. I have been busy the last several weeks making up my samples and patterns for my new classes. I haven't taught during the last two schedules since I have been in Portland with I felt a little bit rusty in designing, but here are the new ones.....

This doll is called Stardust Annie....she has a pocket full of stars and stardust....

.....and this is Wool Snow....a little bit of crazy piecing on the side.

......and here is "We're not Scary" ....I had fun combining the wool, stitchery and throwing in a few buttons......fall stitcheries are always such fun!

.....and finally Wool Jacks......

I wish you were all close by so that you could join us for class! Jo Ann