Thursday, September 1, 2011

FALL classes

Last Saturday the fall class schedule came out at the Loft. I have been busy the last several weeks making up my samples and patterns for my new classes. I haven't taught during the last two schedules since I have been in Portland with I felt a little bit rusty in designing, but here are the new ones.....

This doll is called Stardust Annie....she has a pocket full of stars and stardust....

.....and this is Wool Snow....a little bit of crazy piecing on the side.

......and here is "We're not Scary" ....I had fun combining the wool, stitchery and throwing in a few buttons......fall stitcheries are always such fun!

.....and finally Wool Jacks......

I wish you were all close by so that you could join us for class! Jo Ann


  1. I would LOVE to take a class from you!! Maybe some day....
    These projects ALL look wonderful!

  2. Oh these just look so wonderful. I'm really taking with your Stardust Annie! I love her!

  3. Jo Ann,
    I would LOVE to take your classes if I lived anywhere near California....for those of us far you anticipate Wool Jacks becoming a pattern that I could purchase at some point in time ? It's adorable !

  4. oh how I wish I could be in the Stardust Annie class! My dad called me Annie and on my 16th birthday gave me a Raggedy Ann doll...poignant memories.

  5. I'm with bittomom....I love We're Not Scary and would like to purchase a pattern! You knew this would happen when you posted these, didn't you? LOL!

  6. Thanks everyone...I am glad that you liked the new samples. When I teach I try out new designs and if they are a hit they go into pattern or maybe get submitted for a magazine or ????? The ladies at the Loft are great about telling me if I need to tweak something before it goes out for sale...I owe them a lot! The problem is that you probably won't see them for sale until next fall...:(

  7. Must have those patterns!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the Halloween were not scary!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!