Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Country Loft Outdoor Quilt Show

Every summer The Country Loft has an outdoor quilt show to show off all the wonderful work of our customers. I snapped a few quick photos but if you would like to see the whole show you can go to http://www.cloft.com . Joe will be posting them in the next few days if he hasn't already. (You can see past quilt shows too)

The small quilt hanging on the stair rail is a beautiful crazy quilt....sorry I didn't get a close-up!

Every part of the yard is draped with quilts of all sizes...with some rugs, dolls, etc. thrown in...

The show is always near the end of August. Maybe some of you can come next year!

Before I close, I wanted to thank Nancy of http://nancynoblogblogs.typepad.com for the wonderful giveaway she is running on her blog for Megan's Fund. Thanks also to Sharon and Lavon who have donated such great things. You guys are the best.

My best to you all......Jo Ann

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  1. Looks like you had a perfect day for the show. What a neat idea! I'm sure getting everything set up takes some work, but what a great way to showcase your customers' talent and inspire others! ~Roberta