Friday, August 5, 2011

Going on a road trip

Gene and I are getting ready for a trip.....and of course all of you know what I am getting ready first! My stitching of course. Many of you may not know that I don't I have lots of time to sew while Gene is slaving away behind the wheel.....and I have lots of work to do getting ready for the new class schedule at The Country Loft.

We are headed up to join our son Andy and his family on their annual camping trip in central California. The kids love the lake and water sports and I love to watch them. We will end the trip in Santa Barbara. We lived there for 11 years and both enjoy visiting our old haunts.

I wanted to write all of you before we left to ask you to keep all your prayers and good thoughts coming Megan's way. She went to the oncologist this morning and they have found some growth again in some of the tumors. The good news is that there are no new ones. They are hoping to start treatment again with "Ippy" (now Yarvoy since it as been approved by the FDA). I so wish that I was there to give her hugs. Well, you know!

A virtual hug () to all of you and thanks again for all of your good wishes.....Love, Jo Ann


  1. Try and enjoy your trip. Prayers and hugs for Megan and the family.

  2. You got it!! Safe travels...and happy stitching!! I always say to my hubby when he's driving..."If I'm busy stitching, then I won't be b****ing!" He likes to see me stitch!! haha

  3. lots of hugs coming Megan's Way. I hate driving and so on trips always pay gas to the driver so I can stitch. I was meant to be a "Driving Miss Daisy" kinda gal! lol

  4. JoAnne have a wonderful trip and Megan is ALWAYS in my prayers and on top of the list!!! Blessings to you as you stitch away on your journey and I will be anxious to hear all about it when I see you again. Hugs!!!!

  5. JoAnn, I will continue to keep Megan in my thoughts and wishing better news for her. I have been putting lots of your projects on my Flickr account. Hopefully it will bring you lots of exposure and people will request your patterns!


  6. Have fun JoAnn , Were all keeping you all in our prayers! Hugs Cheri