Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A wooly "folk branches"

Does this quilt look familiar? With a few changes I have used my folk branches stitchery patterns and made them into wool. It has been a lot of fun! There is still a lot of handwork to do ....stitches to add and borders to make, but I thought I would give you a sneak peek!

We had a very special visitor at The Country Loft this morning. Jenifer Gaston one of the editors of our new favorite magazine Primitive Quilts and Projects came by with her husband Glen. We were so excited to see her. Sharon took photos, but being the great blogger that I am, I didn't get any. She will soon be posting them on The Country Loft blog....be sure to check it out!

I planned on sewing all day today and suddenly it is after two and I still have not sat down to the machine....Hope your projects have seen more progress than mine, Jo Ann


  1. Jo Ann it's wonderful! Gosh I wish I lived near you! I'd have tons of fun taking you classes!

  2. The blocks look great! I have plans to sew every day but it hasn't happened lately...

  3. OMGosh!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!! I can see another wool quilt looming in the horizon....you are so amazing!!

  4. I like that even better in wool! I've been to the Country Loft twice and wish I lived close enough to visit often and take your classes. Unfortunately Michigan is a little far to commute

  5. Thanks for the great comments on the quilt....I sewed the last 2 rows yesterday and now I am adding some stitching to the seams...Thank goodness for air conditioning...wool and 90 degrees just don't mix!

  6. Hi Jo Anne! It was so fun visiting with you last week! I love the Wool quilt!!! Have a great trip!