Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A new look

Yesterday, our new living room furniture was delivered.   Many years ago we got a chair and ottoman for this room and both of us LOVED it....we were like little kids with musical chairs!  If it was empty we both wanted to sit there......So this time we solved this problem....We got TWO chairs with 2 giant ottomans (we figured with retirement we might really need them both)

.......and here is the lonely couch on the opposite side of the room.....I was a little worried about the rusty red fabric....but I really like it now they are here.  I spent yesterday rearranging everything in the living room, den and sun porch....and of course doing some heavy duty cleaning......(it is amazing what ends up under a couch)......

I am off to the Loft today for 3 Wool Crazy classes.  Some of the members have been coming since the beginning.....I think it is six years now!  Talk about dedication.  Bye for now....Jo Ann


  1. Oh I love it!! We have the same problem here. Only it is on the right side of the sofa. Both ends kick back into recliners, but the seat on the right side has optimal tv viewing.
    : ) Love your new furniture!
    XO Kris

  2. I love the new look and that rusty red fabric!! We have dark red furniture in our living room and it's one of my favorite colors!

    Looks great!


  3. It looks so pretty! Love your decorating too!!

  4. hummm. I am loving those chairs and might need some myself!

  5. Great chairs! Looks like a great place to stitch!

  6. Thanks for sharing - I love the pair of chairs and ottomans - it's a good look and will work out beautifully for you two to snuggle down as retirees. I will be in California 10/4 - 10/22 and I hope to join one of your wool crazy classes. Kindest regards, holly