Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The mystery is solved......

Last week I finished my mystery quilt! It is now hanging in the Loft all done...and the pattern is back from the printer and mom is folding it. It is a mystery no longer, but has come together as Folk Branches. I am about ready to start the borders on a wool version and hope to put them together (with some small projects) in a book by Spring....It is the Country Loft's stitchery block of the month for this year.....

For the first time in almost a year I taught doll classes on Friday and Saturday at The Loft....whenever I teach you can make the doll I offer or one of my old ones that you might have missed....Clara decided to do "Little Ones" is the girl all dressed for Halloween. Clara is doing hers in Christmas colors....(the dolls did not eat the goodies on the table....I think that the sewers took care of them)

Susan is busy putting on hair for her Stardust Annie.....

....and here is Kay's finished doll. She is covered in stardust with a little help from old fashioned mica.

Tammy is almost done with hers....She gave her a great wool skirt. We all had a great time being back together. The dolls take on such different personalities as their makers work on is so fun to watch!

Hope you are enjoying fall weather today.....we have high 90' is way too hot for October!!!!

Happy Sewing...Jo Ann


  1. Lovely, lovely quilt!
    And I love the dolls you taught the ladies to make! So precious :)

  2. Love the Mystery Quilt!! I knew it was going to be spectacular!! The Raggedy Annes are wonderful too!
    Take care!

  3. What a lovely quilt! I wish I was closer to take a class. Every doll is so much fun!!!