Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Antique Finds

When I spent the day with Debbie, she took me to her favorite antique store. If you are ever in Portland you might like to visit it. It is in southeast Portland and is called Monticello. We had a great time going around the booths not once, but twice (you never know what you will miss the first time around). I immediately displayed some of my finds on my table (the wool runner is one my sister Kathy made when she was teaching my class for me for "A Little Bit Crazy" is from Crazy at Home) I loved the old tin cash box and the architectural piece and the old spool (the watering can is always on the table :)

I also found this great bread pan....perfect for storing all sorts of stuff, but especially my wool. The wool in the paper wrappers is part of Debbie's collection that she hand dyes. I have really enjoyed using it.....

.....and finally I found this great old box. I am not sure exactly what I will use it for...but I love it and I know it will find a home. Gene always tells me that our house is full of things like that! I am not sure that he sees them as the treasures that I do.

My mom is coming for a visit to Portland tomorrow. Mom's trip almost got postponed because my sister Kathy had emergency surgery last Wednesday. She is out of the hospital and on the mend and my mom will still be on her way. She will stay a week and then I am flying back with her to San Diego. It's time for a Gene hug!!!

Megan had her last "Ippy" treatment on the 22nd. She had a pretty painful reaction to it....This week she is feeling better, but still not 100%....She has a scan on Friday and we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that she is responding to the drug.

I tried to post this on my blog twice yesterday.....A technological wizard is not lurking in my body......:))) here it is now...somehow writing it for the 3rd time is not as fun! Bye for now....Jo Ann


  1. Hi Jo Ann...just came on board a bit ago and I do like your style in decorating, and your great new finds.
    I also love you wool works and would hope I could get myself motivated to do some things like you do!!
    Hope all the family health issues work out fine!!

  2. I love The Monticello antique mall! Enjoy your visit with your mom and prayers going up for your daughter's test results.

    Will you be back in Portland before the 11th? There is a quilt show that weekend in Portland.

  3. Hi JoAnn, What wonderful treasures! I love the old spool. As always Megan's in my prayers.

  4. Hi Joanne, wow I love your treasures! I did not know about kathys surgery, i hope she is better. My prayers are still with you all especially Megan. Miss you!

  5. I will continue to keep Megan in my prayers.

    I love all your finds- it is always so much fun finding "the perfect spot or use" for those treasures.


  6. Hello Jo Ann,
    I'm so happy to get news from you and your daughter, I'll still pray for her. I hope to see you at Salt lake for the market.
    Big Hugs
    Marie (Les secrets de Marie)

  7. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

  8. I hope Megan is doing well. Keeping you in my thoughts. Wanna hear something funny? I was getting ready to travel last week and was sorting through my travel tote (the last time it traveled was to Houston this past fall). I found one of the wooden nickels from your market booth. It made me smile. :-) Hugs!

  9. joanne so good to see such smiling photos of your daughter& family, she has your bright happy smile :)
    sorry to hear about Kathy glad she is mending....take care, cheri

  10. Joanne the finds you found are beautiful, how lucky were you!
    Hope this post finds everyone doing well!