Monday, July 23, 2012

Special Boxes

Soon after we lost Megan three of my students brought in this beautifully painted box to keep some memories in.....they thought maybe I would like to share it with Sophie...and then came up with the idea of painting one for Nick too! is Sophie's box from the top (and the heart is on the side)

......and this is the top of Nick's box.....

When they were here I gave them the boxes.....Here they are showing them off....

....and when we got to their home in Portland, we put them in this cupboard to show them off.....John has some of Megan's things that will find a home in them!

     Thank you Kay Fried, Andrea Jeremiah and Nancy Donahue for sharing your talents with Nick and Sophie....and for coming up with such a wonderful idea!  These "memory boxes" will be cherished forever!  (....please keep Andrea in your prayers.  She has been battling cancer and is in need of some extra special thoughts right now)

      I am off to work at the Loft.....Happy Monday to you all......Jo Ann

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