Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lianna's Quilt

Lianna's Quilt if FINALLY done and just in time, because she turns ONE on April 17th.  Who would of thought it would take so long to finish.  I think Gene being home all of the time isn't good for the creative process....:)))))   (Sorry it is a bit blurry)

Kathy just put it on the schedule at the Country Loft.  I will be teaching it in July during one of the "Summer Night" classes. 

 ..and here is Lianna with her Mom....she is getting ready for her first Easter egg hunt....She really doesn't like the grass too much so it was slow crawling over to her eggs!
She didn't quite get what all the fuss of looking for the eggs was all about!


Here is my grandniece Emmy and granddaughter Alana wishing all of you a very Happy Spring!  It has been beautiful in San Diego the last few weeks and everything is in bloom.  Hope you are enjoying spring weather too!


  1. Happy spring to you too!! Lovely quilt.

  2. Hey Jo Ann,
    Fun post... pretty bunnies!
    And Lianna's quilt? Well, nobody does it better. Looks great!