Sunday, May 5, 2013

A very busy day!

Last Sunday was a BIG day in our family.  Timothy had his first Communion in the morning....Here he is all dress up with his baby sister, Lianna.  Lianna is totally convinced that her big brother walks on water....Let's see how long that lasts!!!!

 .....and here he is with his Dad after the ceremony.  We noticed that Timothy's name was the only one the priest knew.....Is this a good or bad sign?  We decided to think positive!  We celebrated with him that afternoon......

....and then it was off to another party.  This one was for Alana, our 10 year old granddaughter.  It was her birthday.  Here she is  with her mom and dad (our son Andy)  She had a rollerskating party in the afternoon with her friends and got an unexpected gift...a broken wrist!  She hasn't let it get her down.

Luckily this weekend has been much less eventful!  Hope you are having a FUN one.....Jo Ann


  1. Very sweet!! Its always good to be able to celebrate with the family.

  2. Hi Jo Ann,
    I love the picture of the two proud and handsome men in their suits! Great picture.
    It's always fun to read your blog... thanks again for help.

  3. Guess you should always preview your comment. That would be thanks again for YOUR help.
    Hugs, Susy

  4. Hi, JoAnn!
    Thanks for posting the wonderful pics and event of Timothy's First Communion.
    I didn't know he was going to make it. So happy to see them! Sr. Mary