Saturday, June 1, 2013

A good time was had.....

I've been back from Market for over a week, but just downloaded my photos today!  I know you have been looking at all kinds of shots of the show in Portland....but here are a few more.  This is Kathy's booth.  My sister Kathy and I had such fun helping her set it up....She brought LOTS of cute props to work with...and of course the great pincushions in her book.  The book was a BIG hit at market.  You can get a copy at the LOFT and be sure to come to the book signing on June 8th.....(if you live far away the shop will have it signed and mail it to you!)

We were right next to Buggy Barn and we had such fun with them....Here is Ron "manning" the booth while the girls were out shopping.....

Kathy Campbell of Heart to Hand was about 20 rows away....but I got over there a few times to say "HI".....You will love what she is doing with burlap!

.....and here is Rita from Reets Rags.  

....and Joan from Bits and Pieces by Joan.....You can see her great FLAG over the mantel at the Loft....

Jeff and Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool....They loved  being in their home town for this market.  Sample Spree was a family affair with all their adult children and spouses helping out....What Fun!

...and I got to meet Leah from Primitive Quilts and Projects....This was her first market with her Mom and her aunts who are the inspiration behind the magazine. 

There were LOTS more friends and wonderful booths. but I did go to help Kathy and not socialize ALL the time....:)))

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  Gene and I are off to Los Angeles this afternoon to spend some time with his sister Sue.  Bye for now.....Jo Ann


  1. wow - what a great bunch of booths! And it looks like many new, awesome projects will be coming soon!

  2. What a great time it was and I am so happy to finally meet you!

    1. Michelle....It was great to meet you too!

  3. A quilter's heaven and all my favorite designers.


  4. Thanks for sharing as not very many blogs had pictures of the more prim booths!! Loved all the new stuff!! Yikes...more patterns to buy!

  5. I wouldn 't be able to practice self I would want a least one of everything! What a great showing. Thanks. ..Marg

  6. It was such a feast for the eyes! I am so happy I got to meet you. Funny it was in a coffee shop and not at market!

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  8. Totally jealous that I wasn't there! blessings, marlene