Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey it's Friday

Hi everyone....Just a quick note, because I need to become domestic this morning... my good friend Renee is coming to teach at the Loft this weekend and is spending the night in my studio....It is actually fairly neat for a change, but the bathroom needs a little TLC!

Lori e-mailed me this morning that she couldn't comment on my message from yesterday. I am not sure why....but my son is coming to my rescue this afternoon to tweak things that I have already messed up....:)))) So hopefully, it will be A-ok after that....

The guy on the top of the page is Ted....I thought he should visit you while it is still is hard to see, but one of his hearts is a crazy patch....he was a "Wimpy All-Nighter" I taught at the shop...(a wimpy is when you wimp out by 11 pm and can't make it all night)

Happy Friday! Jo Ann


  1. It works for me. Go to the individual post to add a comment.

  2. I wish I lived in CA!!! Would you consider a move to NY and bring your friend Renee with you. Love her patterns too. Ted is a cutey.