Thursday, February 25, 2010


Happy Thursday. I have just spent a fun day with one of my five year old grandsons. I have played with playdough and lots and lots of a few books and visited the playground at the school down the street....He is still raring to go...but his Grandma was starting to drag. How can they have so much energy!

Yesterday I met with 3 of my Wool Crazy classes....It is such fun to see their work and watch their progress....Some work on them constantly and others only when they are in class.....but we are all having fun!!!! The blocks I have here were all created by Susy Boyer. She has been "going crazy" for years now.:))) ....I love what she has done....and I knew that you would love to see it. She is working on her 4th block right now, so she will soon be ready to add her sashing......but she can't control that urge to just add one more stitch. I still look at mine and think...oh I wish I would have stitched just a bit more...:))))

Hope you are having fun stitching today....I'll post some more blocks soon....Jo Ann

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