Sunday, March 7, 2010


Happy Sunday. I turned on the computer to print some photos for a class...but somehow :) got pulled into everyone's blogs....and then I noticed that it had been a whole week...and more since I had added anything to mine....(blush)
I really meant to get back before now and post some more "Wool Crazies" All of the photos below are of blocks by Kay Fried.....She finished them all!!!!....and even put them all together in a quilt. I love how it turned out. She gave it to her husband for their anniversary...but when he started cuddling with it, she pretty much told him...."look, but don't touch!"

Kay used a lot of Christmas and Fall in this block....
and then moved on to more Spring in this one....I thought the gate she
added to her fence was spectacular!
Check out her fan in this one.....For some reason this block turned
out smaller than her she added the saying on two sides...
She had me write it out one night for her in class....Another great
addition, don't you think???

This one is spring and summer again............

....and fall and Christmas....Don't you like her village on the fan!

I apologize that this didn't turn out as well as I had hoped....
but here is her whole quilt! She used a variety of grays to
sash it.....they all work together so well....

So here it is....Proof that it can be done...:))) I love seeing how Kay took my designs and made them her own....and how she added to it too. Hope you are all having fun working on your "crazies" and that Kay's work will inspire you ....
Well, it is back to working on my class....Hope you are all having a great day.....Jo Ann


  1. Wow!! Talk about inspiration!! Stunning!! Well done, Kay! Thanks for sharing!!
    Now back to my first square!!
    Take care!


  2. That is amazing quilt!! I love how she personalized it too. Thanks so much for sharing it on your blog.

  3. That is awesome ... and loved the little saying she put on the one block.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I failed to say..........that your book is so wonderful and thank you so very much for writing it. I just love looking at it as much as working on the quilt. It is so sweetly written ....... thank you.

    A bow to you!

  5. Kay, WOW, an amazing quilt you made. Your embroidery is wonderful.

  6. I love the saying about dancing in the rain, and wonderful embroidery, it's a show stopper!

  7. Kay did a magnificent job !! What an ispiration to all of us~

  8. Amazing! Thanks for sharing...wish I had been there for the real deal! Agh! How cool that must have been! B=)