Thursday, March 25, 2010

Signs of Spring

Hey everyone....Doesn't this block just look like spring....A great bunny hopping through a garden! I took it last week at one of my classes...but I almost didn't get the chance. I asked Jan the month before to bring her blocks in for me to photograph but about 4:30 that afternoon I realized that my camera was at home. My long suffering husband dropped by the house on his way home from work and brought it to me. I didn't want you guys to miss out! Sorry it has taken me soooo long to download them and share them with you....

The artist here is Jan Gartland....and artist she is. I am always telling her that my quilt is a kindergartner's compared to hers.....Her stitching is phenomenal. Look carefully at her designs and you'll see what great use she makes of wool roving......

I really like how she added the birdhouses to the garden gate...and just look at those teeny tiny birds...You can just catch a bit of her butterfly garden here...

....and don't you love her nest with the needle felted eggs....she just kept adding and adding to it.

...and how about the detail on her seed packets....and her great bee skep! The next photo is of her entire block....She chose to do seasonal spring/summer and another fall/winter. I'll share it in a few days. She is going to border them out and add some other appliques in the border that she couldn't fit on the block.

Isn't it all amazing! I love seeing how she took some ideas from the book and just went with them and kept on going!!!!

At the Country Loft the other day a customer came in to share the crazy quilt jacket she made...she used some of the designs from Wool Crazy but did them all in stitchery...I asked her to share her photos, so maybe someday she will....:)

Gene and I are off to see our grandkids in Portland, Oregon this weekend. It is Nick's birthday next week and so we will have an early celebration with him....He will be 5. His sister Sophie thinks she is too...but is almost 2 1/2! (Of course we'll see their parents too :)))

Bye for now...Jo Ann


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures, it helps to keep me inspired. Hope that your visit with your Grand kids is fun! Safe travels.

  2. Hi JoAnn!!
    Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pics!! What a work of art- WOW!! You're right- she is a real artist!!
    Have a wonderful time with the grand kids!! (and their parents!)

  3. This quilt is absolutely amazing, detail, details and more details. I know I missed something so I am going back to look at it. Excellent work to the great artist!

  4. Quel talent ! les détails sont superbes !