Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jan's winter and fall

Last week I showed you some of Jan Gartland's work....I know from your notes and comments that you like it as much as I here is some more of it...Her winter and fall block. Her Santa is great and don't you like the deer peeking around his side....

The row of pumpkins on my Wool Crazy is one of my favorite appliques! As you can probably tell from the colors I use, fall is my season (even though California does not have the spectacular falls of other parts of the country, it does have it's share of changing leaves.... Jan picked a great place for hers and wonderful oranges to make them...

She has added the date and her name on the block above...and the hand holding the flower is perfect there!

Isn't this crow the best? It just has so much personality..... and do you see her snowflakes on the next piece...She used a wool yarn and felted them and then added stitches over that. (Remember anything goes)

Jan also needle felted this angel's hair...and don't you love her snowman and the cardinal in her pine tree....

Here is the whole block..I remember her adding the turkey right before Thanksgiving...Her village is perfect with the houses resting on their hill and the fence protecting it all.

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of her work. I took some photos last week of some more of the work from the Loft...I'll be posting them as the weeks go by.

My grandson Timothy is here and ready to dye some Easter eggs...I think that we are trying his patience, so I best be off.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and that the bunny brings you lots of goodies for your baskets......


  1. We just finished with our grandchildren and eggs. Jan had a great teacher! Happy Easter.

  2. Wow!! Thanks for sharing!! Jan's WCQ is stunning!! A work of Art! She must have had an excellent teacher!! Have fun dyeing eggs!! Happy Easter!

  3. The block is a real beauty!!! The crow looks like he's ready to walk right off! LOL Happy Easter!!

  4. SOOOO cute! I love it!!! thanks for sharing. You just have the most creative's amazing!