Thursday, April 8, 2010

A break from crazy quilts

About a week and a half ago Gene and I headed up to Portland, Oregon. It is definitely one of my favorite cities on the west coast...and not just because my daughter and her family live there...It is just so GREEN and there are trees and flowers everywhere.....

The waterfall you see in this first photo is in the Japanese Garden...It is part of Washington Park....a great beauty spot right in the city. We had seen the outside of the garden, but never took the time to go in. It is so worth it....very quiet and serene....Although Megan wasn't too sure that taking a 5 and 2 year old into it added to the serenity...:)

This is just one of the lanterns dotted all over the garden. The person who sold us the tickets gave us a scavenger hunt for Nick (our 5 year old grandson) to do, but Gene is the one who got into it. This was one of his "finds".

Here are Nick and Sophie resting on a bench they found...They loved all the bridges and stepping stones they found throughout the garden...

..and here is Sophie with her Mom. We all had a great time visiting this gorgeous Portland spot. Even the rock gardens are beautiful...(and I am not really into rocks!)

We didn't spend all our time there. We also made a trek up a road we had never travelled...North along the Columbia....Here we are in front of a 1904 building in a town where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers meet...(Please don't ask me the mind is a total blank)... It was supposed to rain that afternoon, but we lucked out and had a great drive.

Thanks for travelling along with us for awhile....Jo Ann


  1. That is such a beautiful area JoAnn and I'm glad you got to enjoy it. My daughter lives in Ptld and my son goes to school about an hour away. I get to enjoy it often.

  2. Oh Joan, it's sooo pretty. The sunny skied were a little blessing from above, you just can't beat that.... and you two always look like lovebirds, it's just wonderful. Hope you enjoy many sweet escapes together, B=)

  3. Sooo pretty... at least it always is when we go! Why is it that everyone's children live in Portland? We have a son/DIL/and baby to be that live there too! Our son just finished at the Portland School of Art's... (not the entire name, I just can't remember it all!) We went up in December to see him graduate... and ahem, poor guy got sick and couldn't go to his own graduation... (he felt so bad that we had come all the way from Utah to see it and couldn't go!) Hey, we were just glad to see them both. He recovered quickly!
    This is the best time of year to go... hope that you made it to the coast too! Great time to visit the ocean... nothing like seeing the sea when it's windy etc...