Monday, April 26, 2010


DON'T FORGET TO TUNE IN TODAY!!!! Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio at 4pm Eastern time....1:00 for all of us Californians....Just go to http:/ .... (OK I just tried for ten minutes to make this link to Pat's show and I give up!!!!....You can now see why I like hand sewing! Machines and I do tend to fight! I had planned on photos today, but that isn't happening either..:()

I am excited and to be honest just a little scared. Pat is great and so easy to chat with...but it is LIVE and what if my little pea brain just goes blank....Like, DUH!!!!

WE will be announcing a fun new project, so don't miss out on hearing all about it. You can listen online later, if you miss the live show!

Thanks for dropping by...Jo Ann


  1. good luck today mom! I know you'll do great - love, megan

  2. the show was really fun.......I felt like I was listening to friends :0). Thanks for your helpful little tips and for saying just enjoy the process and don't worry so much about trying to be perfect.

    Happy Sewing.....I'm really enjoying my wool crazy project:0)

  3. Hello Joann,
    The radio show was wonderful. You were very informative and interesting. I am really happy that I get to stitch wool crazies with you and after hearing your interview with Pat Sloan, I am even more inspired.
    See you this week in class, Sara Hayes

  4. JoAnn!!! You were awesome!!!! - Karina Ascencio

  5. Thanks everyone! I was pretty scared before it started, but when I got into it, it wasn't soooo bad...:)

  6. I love this Wool crazy book. I can't wait to get the book so that I can start mine.......

  7. JoAnn, you were fantastic!! Really enjoyed the radio show!! Sounded like you enjoying yourself..I would have never guessed that you were even slightly nervous!! Way to go!!