Saturday, June 26, 2010

Camp Loft

For the second year in a row, The Country Loft set aside a week for Summer Camp......Here is Kathy (my sister) hanging our Camp Loft banner.....We wanted to welcome all the campers from the moment they walked in.....

.....and here is a second banner on our back porch.....

Here is Kathy again welcoming all of the 15 campers that came to Camp Kit Day....and what a fun time they had. Kathy made them each a necklace (unfortunately none were photographed...but trust me they are CUTE small pockets on a cord to keep all of their prize tickets in throughout the week!)

...and here are some of the campers hard at work making covered boxes....Then they each got a great lunch after the class....and then onto the next fun project.....

.....Peggy is showing off her box and her tomatoes and she is all ready to make her spoolies.......Way too much fun in one day....At least one of the campers stayed on that night for a Wimpy All-Nighter that lasted until 11....Talk about stamina....:)))

....and next week has lots more fun to come....Wish all of you could join us.
Happy Summer to everyone!


  1. Hi JoAnn!
    I just love it when you show pictures of the Loft...already I see things I want to buy...that basket quilt in the first picture is adorable!! ha ha! NOW that's what I call camping!! What lucky campers they are- looks like such fun!!

  2. Love seeing the pics of the Loft and of Kathie!!! She's still cute as ever. HI KATHIE!!!!
    Wish I could have come to camp.

  3. That looks like so much fun!! I love that kind of camping! LOL

  4. Wish you all were here at camp too!