Sunday, June 20, 2010

ROUND ROBIN on it's way home to Roseann

On Friday after teaching all day at The Country Loft I came home to a package from Pat Sloan. It was the looooong awaited round robin pincushion. .....but as you can see it was worth the wait!!!! Pat warned me that she had sent me a challenge. She had completed not one, but two appliques...but her second one went from being a "sun" to a flower and she wasn't sure where it would take me......

The green line is part of my solution, but I am leaving you in suspense a little while longer...:))) Is it a worm??? ..a snake??? The little patch off to the side seemed a little lonely, so I added a flower garden...I built my garden with a blanket stitch and then added some bullions and french knots for still needed something, so I couched a few longer lines and added some more knots....A stitchery can never have too many!

As you can see the green line was not a wriggling critter, but only a stem with some leaves. It still looked a little bare, so I added some backstitched lines and you guessed it ...some more french knots...... And what would a garden be without a butterfly.

The raw edge under the flower was still in need of a stitch so I added a simple fern fancy stitches were used, because I figured there was enough going on....:))))

Now it is off home to Roseann. I think that she will have a great time making it into a pincushion......We will all get ours back in the next week or so, so check in to see what becomes of them.....
I saw today that Brenda is all ready starting another one!!!! How about you? Will you be the next one to have a Round Robin going? I hope so! I can't wait to see them.
Happy Sunday (and Father's Day) to everyone....Jo Ann


  1. I would have never thought of that.WOW! It looks beautiful JoAnn, I'm in awe of your talent!

  2. That came out so cute! You have such an imagination and are so talented! I finally got my background done for my block that I've been so scared to start and then I looked at it and said now what? LOL HOw do you come up with all these great ideas!?

  3. It is beautiful!!!!! Your work is impecable and such an inspiration! Someday when I get good (?!?!?!) I'd like to do a round robin block. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jo Ann,

    All these pictures are truly inspiring, thank you for sharing them with us all.

    I recently got your book and have been collecting wool pieces and jotting down ideas to get myself started on a piece.

    A question, it is hard to tell from the pictures, how big were most of the pincushion tops?

  5. Thanks everyone for all the nice things you have said about the pincushion tops.....They are all slightly different sizes, but the criteria was that they should be between 6 and 8 inches and any shape that you wanted. It is a great small project to ease you into doing Wool Crazy..:)))

  6. Hi JoAnn!
    You REALLY transformed this pin cushion...have you ever thought of writing a book on wool work?! ha ha! Just love your work!! Take care!

  7. Have your book but haven't had time to work on anything. It is truly inspirational to visit this blog and see your round robin..too darn cute.

    I wish I could visit The Country Loft more, but live so darn far away. :-(

  8. What a great idea! I worked on a similar project with the Yahoo Rug Hookers, sending it all over the East Coast before heading on to it's lucky owner. I never would have thought to do it with a wool stitching project. It's beautiful by the way. :)