Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little bit of Fall and a visit from Renee

Many of you will recognize Renee Plains of Liberty Star. She taught at the Country Loft last weekend and we were lucky enough to have her stay in our home....Here she is standing in the entry.....

There is a great boon to having someone come stay at your home, besides the good company and the fun conversation....and that is a clean house. Just ask my husband Gene. He told Renee on Friday night that he wanted to thank her for coming, because I finally stopped working on the book and you could actually sit on the couch before brushing it off....:))) I had been living off the excuse of construction dust for weeks (why bother cleaning when it would just get covered in dust the next day) I knew that I would have to eventually haul out the dust rags and the vacuum and company always gets it done...

I decided since everything was clean that I should decorate for I had pulled apart all my decorations anyway to take photos for the book. I love Fall. I have a birthday in October, so I am lucky enough to get lots of fall decorations for gifts. I have taken just a few photos...I will try to take more later.....This box stands in the entry to our home....

......and this great scarecrow is sitting on a trunk across from it....Notice his great crazy quilt jacket and pants....

I filled a shelf from an old trunk with pumpkins and leaves and this is in front of my fire place. Can you tell that I love crows....They are tucked all around....There is lots more, but this is all I took when I was waiting for Renee Saturday morning....We were off to a little breakfast before she taught at the Loft....

...and now I am off to teach at the Loft....I have 5 on-going Wool Crazy groups and one of them meets this morning..... I hope you all have a great day and find some time for stitching....
My best to you all...Jo Ann

Oh by the way....the bathroom is finally done....and I will take pictures soon so you can see it!


  1. I am an October birthday as well and your photos have motivated me to make believe it is cooling down here in AZ and decorate for fall. Love all your pumpkins! Wish I was close enough to join one of your groups.

  2. I LOVE fall and LOVE your decorations! From what I hear, Renee is super sweet and fun. :-) Did you make your cross stitch and pumpkin sign in the entry. So cute!

  3. I just lvoe your fall decorating! I am excited to say I'm signed up for one of your groups on the 29th, I can't wait!

  4. So after Brown Bag on Friday I came home and FINISHED the treat cups, yay!! They were so cute I decided I needed to jump the gun and go ahead and get out the Fall decorations. This is a big deal. I NEVER decorate until the's all your fault :) I love your Fall decorations and yes please put more pictures up!

  5. Don't you just love Renee? She is such a sweetie and I took a class from her this summer and we had fun..I am really going to like that new book of yours.