Monday, September 20, 2010

Jonnie's Paper Dolls

My friend Jonnie shared her rendition of the Cozy Quarter's "Paper Dolls" at our annual outdoor quilt show. I was so excited when she brought it in, because she included me as one of her "dolls"! That is me on the bottom right. I think that the Wool Bag should be a little bit bigger though! Isn't it great!!! Phyllis Paul designed the original and we were lucky enough to have her trunk show at the Loft. Jonnie loved hers and decided to try her hand at it.

I always tell my classes that building a Wool Crazy is like playing with paper dolls....remember how long it took to cut out all their clothes??? Yep, just like the appliques...:)))

Well I am off to my studio to do a little work....the last draft of "Crazy at Home" is waiting for me.....Hope your week got off to a great start....Jo Ann


  1. What a wonderful quilt. Very prim looking. And yes, your wool bag should be much bigger.

  2. That is adorable! How cool that you are a doll?! LOL

  3. love the dollies!! will i see you in Houston?