Thursday, February 17, 2011

An adventure in Portland

Last week I got a message from Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Designs. We have met many times at Quilt Markets and always had a great time in our brief visits....but for all of you who have gone to market you know that if you are in a booth, visits unfortunately can't be too long! Anyway, she knew I was in Portland and asked if maybe we could get together one day. So....on Tuesday I took the MAX (Portland's wonderful light rail) to it's last stop going east and Debbie picked me up and took me on an adventure. We drove through beautiful countryside and ended up at her home. It was such fun to see her treasures and to visit her studio. Here she is standing in front of one of the old wooden stands in her work area. The whole room was full of wonder.....

....and here Debbie is again in the middle of the room....every where you looked there was a bit of inspiration. Debbie is just like her smile...warm and welcoming. It was such fun to see her new projects that she is developing for Spring Quilt Market....They are still a secret...but I know you will all love them!

Don't you love how she used the stack of suitcases for a lamp stand. I forgot to ask if she uses them for storage too....but I know mine at home are all full of samples,etc. She later took me to her favorite antique store and sure enough she found a smaller case to add to her collection.

The antique paper stands add a wonderful look in her shipping area. I saw one similar to this later that day when we were shopping, but it was a little too big to carry back on it had to stay at the shop. I love it, don't you?

All in all it was a great day. I of course found some treasures of my own and plan on sharing them with you. I also took some photos of Debbie's version of Wool Crazy. She has taught it at a local quilt store, Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in West Linn and her samples are very fun.

We had snow in Portland yesterday morning. It only stayed for an hour, but it was so beautiful to see. My grandkids were very excited!

Visiting Debbie's studio made me come back and work on my mystery stitchery....I only have two more blocks left.....and I think I'll close and get to work....Bye for now, Jo Ann


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful visit.

  2. Hi Jo Ann I am glad you met another talented person and had a fun day, Cheri

  3. Boy that is exciting. I wish i was in portland with you. I heard Kathy telling people & that you were taking Max. I thought that was a person.

    Love Kim

  4. yeah! Glad you had a good visit. I have only met Debbie once when I attended her Wooley Wednesday class a year ago but I drool over her stuff at Holly Hill when I am there for my quilt class...which I will be this Saturday. Hoping we don't get any snow tonight like some are forecasting! The moon tonight is another great treat!

  5. Nice to meet Debbie :-)I went to Hollyhill Quilt shop once and I loved it!!! Unfortunately, I had no time to go on my very short visit in December...