Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilt Market

I am back from 4 great days in Salt Lake City. As always Market was a lot of fun with very little sleep thrown in. I actually took LOTS of photos, but I thought that I would send you to a NEW BLOG to look at them! Sharon, the owner of The Country Loft just sent out a blog post on the Loft's very own blog.....go check out and see what a great time we all had. I should have known we'd have almost all the same shots, since we were all together....:)))
....but I did get this shot of Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool in front of her new quilt....
.....and one of Jeni Gaston (owner of The Woolen Willow and one of the creators of Primitive Quilts and Projects) with Renee Plains. This is Renee after a horrible day before with food poisoning! I was manning her booth all of Saturday and of course I didn't fool anyone into thinking I was her!!!!

I didn't have a booth, but it was such fun to see so many old friends and make some new ones. The quilting community is such a warm and friendly group that hugs were in abundance.

........and I am sending one to all of you out there too! My best to you all.....Jo Ann