Friday, February 24, 2012

Antique stitching

Years ago Megan and I went to visit a quilt shop in Battle Ground, Washington. It was called Cottons and was in an old church. On the floor of the shop was a pile of old quilts that Deb the owner had just purchased. She hadn't even had time to display them. I couldn't resist digging through them (with her permission of course) I love old crazy quilts. For those of you who have done Wool Crazy that shouldn't be too big of a surprise..:) At the bottom of the stack was this quilt....not a crazy....but with wonderful crazy stitches. I had to have it and the price was great! It went home with me and is one of my favorites. It hangs in our bedroom, so I get to see it every morning when I wake up!

Here is a little bit closer shot.....Some of the fabric has seen better days, but all in all it is in pretty good shape. I am a firm believer that you should enjoy your antique quilts and we use ours to wrap up in on the couch and on our beds and walls.

I am off to teach a class today at the Loft....We'll have bunnies everywhere.

Have a happy weekend.....Jo Ann


  1. I love it, what a treasure to find.


  2. Cotton's in Battleground was one of my most very favorite quilt shops. I loved the old church. so sad it is no longer there. This is quite a treasure your found. Lucky you.
    karen :)

  3. I love how it is a sampler of crazy stitches for you to enjoy.

    Would be an excellent block for a practise piece.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful quilt.

  4. That is an awesome quilt. I loved that quilt store and the church made it so unique. Unfortunately it is not in business any longer.

  5. What a treasure! Oh Cottons was such an amazing shop,,,I got to go once when Quilt Market was out in Portland. Can't wait to see all your bunnies!