Monday, February 27, 2012

Cara T. Rabbit

Last Friday I taught a class in the garage of the store's 1912 house. I added an extra class for this bunny without checking the class schedule and Tina was already teaching in the Kathy and I moved all the antiques around and squeezed in as many as we could!

Beth and Karen were such good sports that they moved out under the picnic table for awhile and stuffed and hand stitched ....

Here is Sandra with her green bunny. We all loved it. She made her shoes out of the trim from a recycled sweater!.....and check out her plaid wool nose.

and here are Kay and Andrea with theirs....Kay has hers all finished and Andrea is well on her way. I taught it on Saturday too (in the classroom this time) and there were rabbits of every color you could imagine!

With all these bunnies showing up, it looks like spring is right around the corner!


  1. Oh how stinkin' cute!! I like the fact that everyone chose different colors. They all look adorable.
    Are you going to offer a pattern for the rest of us??

  2. What wonderful bunnies!!
    We woke up to snow, but I know spring is on the way!!

  3. It was the bestest class ever! Sew enjoyed myself! Thanks for letting us use the old garage, it really worked out well. Just needs to be no more than 8 in there!! Loved it and my bunny! Marlene of Ramona

  4. Looooooooooove!! Looooooooooooooove!!!

  5. As always the loft is fun, fun, fun..... Thanks Jo Ann......


  6. Love all those bunnies ... looks like the girls had more fun in the garage and outside than in the classroom ... you may have started something!!! =:)

  7. BEST Bunny Class EVER!!!! YAY for SPRING :))

  8. Well, now you've started something! Everyone will want to have her class in the garage/shed/studio/annex! Wish I were there to join in! Sylvia (aka dancing bear) in metro-Atlanta where it was 73 deg today ... what's up with THAT?