Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Patterns for Market

          This wool project is called Wool Jacks.....of course with a little crazy thrown in.....

                                 ......and a few more branches.....
                      .......and some wool and stitchery......
            I dropped the patterns off at the printer they will soon be ready.

                         I am off to teach Wool Crazy......Bye for now....Jo Ann


  1. I need all of these...let me know when the patterns are available..I love Fall is such a wonderful season with all of the warm stash of wool is in Panama but I will go get it just to make all of these..

  2. these look like best sellers :) hope to see you all soon with little Lucy in tow....not doing alot of sewing but lots of fun day....

  3. They look fabulous. Fall is my favorite quilting season.

  4. I'm sure they'll be a hot commodity! Lovely pattern JoAnn!!

  5. Love your pumpkin patterns, JoAnn!

  6. Hey JoAnn,
    I see some surprises in you pictures. I love surprises! I can't wait to see the kitten in the pumpkin close up. The fall branch with the acorn and pumpkin is wonderful too. You know, fall is my favorite time of year also.
    It's all good.
    Susy B.

  7. Hey JoAnn, Love the new patterns. I'll be ordering them at Quilt Market. Dennis said he'd take me after all. We get back from our cruise and then we'll get back in the car the next day and drive to KC. I'm so excited!!!