Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Class Samples

 My bags are packed for Quilt Market and the last thing I had to do was finish my samples for the Summer Class Schedule at The Country Loft.....Here they are....Annie's Crow.......

Just Annie....a simple small Annie for the last of Summer Nights at the Loft .....

.......and Crow's Pumpkin....a stitchery I am teaching at the end of August....(with a little wool thrown in)......My first class is Fall Branch and I previewed it a few weeks ago. 

      It is such a good feeling to have them hanging in the classroom....and the patterns are done too!

      Kathy and I fly out tomorrow morning and then the fun begins at The Convention Center.  My furniture will be delivered on Thursday morning and the boxes full of books and props are all waiting for us at the hotel.....We are checking 5 bags full of samples and dolls to sell.....We don't exactly travel light....except for clothes....Kathy and I have stuffed everything in two carry-ons (my sister is so great to put up with this....:))))  Kansas City here we come!!!!


  1. Have fun!!! I love Annie!!!

  2. I love all your beautiful wool pieces. How can I see the whole quilt that you use for your background on you blog?

    1. The quilt is my Wool Crazy and is in a book with the same name....I am so glad that you like it!