Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easter Vines

 I taught this as a class a few months ago.  I don't ofter work in pastels....but Easter just calls for them.  I thought you would like to see all the changes she made by decorating her eggs and stitching vines between them.....Isn't it great!  I love when people take something I have designed and add their own take on it!

Speaking of Easter....there are still bunnies up in my house and I think that they will going back in the attic to live until next spring.....We have a family of real bunnies that have taken up residence behind our hedge and we are really enjoying seeing them in the yard each morning....I am not a gardener, so they have no yummy vegetables or flowers to eat here!

       It is overcast today with a light mist...typical May weather in San Diego......and perfect to be in the I best get busy before I talk myself out of redecorating........


  1. Love your little Easter Quilt! Very cute...Have fun redecorating today!

  2. Beautiful piece and i love the shades of wool. I do have a stash of wool, need to get back to dying again.