Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall Dreaming at Brown Bag

Last Friday we tried to ignore the LONG HEAT WAVE hitting San Diego and we did a little fall dreaming in Brown Bag.  We made papier mache jacks and cats.  

Megan and Gina, longtime brown baggers asked if it was ok for them to bring their daughters to a Brown Bag before I retire and it was so much fun having them there.  All four of the girls are totally into sewing and were among the first done.

Here are Megan, Ruby and Nolia putting the finishing touches on their containers....

......and here are some of the women in the afternoon group painting away.  It was so hot that the paint on the first container was dry before they finished the second.  I know that they were happy to go inside and start stitching!

.....and another brown bag day is done.....and I need to put on my thinking cap and design next month's.  (brown bag is a class once a month that you sign up for without knowing what you will is packaged in a "brown bag".....)

I hope things are cooling off for you.....and that you have a great week.....Jo Ann


  1. You're not really going to retire, are you? We sure hope not!

  2. Looks like a fun class and love the snowman piece.


  3. I'm sure the daughters enjoyed the class too!! Looks like fun!