Thursday, August 16, 2012

Snow Secrets

Yesterday I finished stitching my new snowman for the fall class schedule at the Loft....I stuffed it in my sewing bag to take and share at Wool Crazy last night, so there are many wrinkles (it was still slightly damp from tea dying)...but I think you can get the idea...:)))  I always think that I will leave it natural....and then I can't resist a bit of dye at the end.....It is just always too white! 

    Today, I am to start on "Frosty" guessed it.....I am on a roll with snowmen....Maybe because it is ninety degrees here and I am sooooo tired of HOT!   (and of course this is my only way to get snow)

  Stay cool today and I hope you are having fun!    Jo Ann


  1. Oooooh JoAnn! Cant' wait to sign up for the class!


  2. Ohhhh JoAnn! You just melted my heart! And yes, it's stinking hot here too!! UGH!

  3. Will there be a kit or a pattern for those of us who live too far to come to class?

  4. Jo this is one of my favorites... cannot wait to sign up 4 it. love kim

  5. Your designs are always so stinkin cute!!! Must get to the Loft soon!