Saturday, December 15, 2012

Babysitting Lianna

I meant to post yesterday, but I was busy babysitting our newest granddaughter.  She is still being nursed and decided that she didn't like the bottle, so it was a bit of a challenge....but we finally found a solution.  Luckily for me (or maybe not) her dad was just like that and I finally got him to drink the  milk from a cup (not a sippy one) had to be a regular one....Fast forward to today and Lianna wanted a mini-water bottle.....with no nipple of course.

Here she is a few weeks ago....she loves the outdoors and so Gene and I took her on a LONG walk today!  Yesterday that was not in the cards, because we had a day of rain.  We loved the rain, but going around the house in a stroller is just not as much fun.....

I meant to post a link to Kathy Schmitz blog.....You will LOVE her project and her photos if you have not already checked them out....and I am so envious of her new stack of WOOL.  I visited Debbie's studio awhile ago and drooled over it.....the wool dying area was under construction, but I could already see how wonderful it would be too!

On a very sad note, my heart goes out to all of the families who lost someone in Newton yesterday......
              Hugs to all of you.....Jo Ann


  1. What a sweetie, love her smile. My son was like that too, didn't like formula at all and went right to pizza, lol.


  2. she is adorable! and they grow up so fast!