Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Still more to blog and a peek at Kathy's house

On Monday my sister Kathy hosted The Country Loft Christmas party.  We all look forward to it each year!  The food is always yummy; the company good and these are women who "get" what you like!!!!  Kathy's house is always spectacular and I knew you'd love to see it.

    This wonderful doll tree is in her bedroom.  Kathy collects black dolls and I love adding to this collection.  (It is so nice having a sister who loves the same things you do!)

This is the top of her dresser in the same room.....

....and another grouping in that room..

....the bed in the guest room.....I made her this adaptation of Lisa Bongean's Christmas quilt a few years ago.....

....and some Santas in her living room....

......even her sewing room is decorated.....and all neatened up for our visit....Kathy makes soooooo many of her presents.....she puts us all to shame...

.....and this is of course her main tree in the family is full of wonderful ornaments she has collected over  the years. 

Every year Kathy also has Christmas at her home for all of our family who are in town ....there can be as many as 50 there for breakfast and dinner....It is such fun....We have a jigsaw puzzle going in one room and food spread out all day long. 

Be sure to click onto Lisa's blog today.  I have just gotten a peek of it, but it is FULL of great photos of her home and a wonderful penny ornament.....

I am going to try and finish my shopping today.  I finally started wrapping presents last night...the tree was feeling a bit lonely!

           Bye for now.....Jo Ann


  1. Thanks for the tour!Your sister has a beautiful home!Hugs,Jen

  2. Lots of beautiful prims, love the warm feeling of her home.


  3. Love her prim home,I love making & collecting black dolls too,phyllis

  4. Her HOME is so her!!! Love the pictures. :))

  5. Thanks for the pictures of Kathy's wonderful home - is she a blogger? If not, tell her to get with it - she'd be a great addition to blogland!

    1. Gayle....She is not a fact she may be getting her first I-Pad for Christmas....I think she will be hooked!

  6. Beautifully decorated home! Merry Christmas!

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