Monday, April 30, 2012


On Friday and Saturday we made cats at the Loft.  We ended up with a litter of them in all colors. What fun they are to make....and in the Fall the pattern will be in Primitive Quilts and Projects.....You'll be able to fill a basket in your house with these well behaved kitties.
 Andrea is a dog rescuer and so notice that one of her "cats" is really a dog....:)

                                   Here is Tammy with her two ....don't you love the plaid nose?
                                 .......and Sandi's was color coordinated with her outfit....:)))
                                                              Jeri's is all set for Fall.....
.......and Karina went with a black cat.......Actually there were lots more, but I unfortunately didn't get shots of them all......Hope you had a great weekend....Jo Ann

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Patterns for Market

          This wool project is called Wool Jacks.....of course with a little crazy thrown in.....

                                 ......and a few more branches.....
                      .......and some wool and stitchery......
            I dropped the patterns off at the printer they will soon be ready.

                         I am off to teach Wool Crazy......Bye for now....Jo Ann

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Quilts from the Cottage at Cardiff Farm

 ....and here is Kathy in front of some of the quilts that are in the book.  My sister Kathy had set up a great spot for her to greet all her fans in the backyard of the shop. 

Her daughter, Taylor was on hand to help her Mom out and be the official photographer....It was a great day.  Congratulations Kathy!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The photo shoot

My friend Olga Gunn came over on Tuesday to take pictures for my new book.....I spent time on Sunday and Monday evenings arranging everything into little displays....and totally disrupting the house. Before she got here I took some quick photos of some of the projects myself......Looking at them I know why she is the professional!

I thought you'd like a sneak peek at some to the things that will be in it. That is if I ever finish writing it! Actually my sister did a read through on Monday and I am now onto the corrections!

I think today I might finish off most of the text and tomorrow Olga and I meet to pick the photos that will be in the book....So the end is in sight!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter ......Jo Ann

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some milestones

On April 1st we celebrated a Big Day....Pierce, our oldest grandson turned 13. We went to Benihana's in San Diego to welcome in the teen years....I cannot believe that he is that old....of course he is already taller than me (over 5' 8")! I also cannot believe that I did not take one picture of the party....We were all having too much fun!

Here is Collin (in the middle) with 2 of his friends...They are all smiling because they have just become Boy the fun of overnight campouts begins!

He wasn't too happy here, because we wanted a photo op and he wanted to eat!

They seem to be growing up so fast! ....and of course their grandparent's think they are the best!

I am working on the book again today.....I finally feel like I have made some progress.....but there is a lot still to do. I have been thinking of all kinds of things to do instead this morning, but I can't put it off any longer....:))))

I hope that you are all having great days and finding time to sew ....Jo Ann