Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crazy at home book signing

Today at the Country Loft we had a book signing for Crazy at Home......I thought you would like to see how everything looked set up in the backyard of the shop....

It was threatening rain all morning and we weren't sure it would work outside....but we were under an awning and that kept the light rain off of us....

We had all 15 projects displayed. It was such fun, because no one had seen all of them....

Next week they are all off to Houston. My sister Kathy and our owner Sharon will be taking them and I may come in for a day .....I am off to Portland tomorrow to be with our daughter Megan...

This is my mom, Gert....she was my special guest all day and made cookies for all the people who came to the signing....I think maybe they come for the cookies....:))))

Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers....All my best, Jo Ann


  1. Love the pics and the projects. Have a safe trip up here to Portland and bring your rain gear...supposed to have a whopper of a rain and wind storm tomorrow and rain all week.


  2. Your Mom must be so proud of you. Have a safe trip to Portland. Hope that your daughter gets some good news soon.

  3. I wish I coulnd have been there. I would have come for the book AND the cookies!! The projects are gorgeous!!

  4. Everything looks yummy...including the cookies!! Mama must be SEW proud!! :o)
    I'm sure your book is going to fly off the shelf!! There are a lot of us crazies out here...!!

    Take care!

  5. Congratulations on the book release and signing.

    How great to have your mom with you for that special event.

    Hope all proceeds well in Portland with Megan, healing thoughts and wishes for her.

    Enjoy Houston!

  6. I sure wish I knew about the book signing - La Mesa's only a couple of hours away! I have the new book on order and can't wait. The projects look wonderful!


  7. I love the book Jo Ann and the cookies!We'll all be thinking of you!Cheri

  8. Jo,
    I love that picture of your mom. I will miss you. I know market will go great for Kathy & Sharon.

    All my Love KIm

  9. Jo,

    I love your pattern website. It is great to see all your patterns.

    Love Kim

  10. Dear Jo Ann,
    I'm thinking of you (Marie from France, Les Secrets de marie), I'm going to Houston. I'll get there your new book. I'm praying for your daughter.
    Big Hugs,

  11. Hello,
    Sweet P sent my over and I am follower now. Love your work and love the wools. Will be checkin' back and hope Houston is a wonderful trip for you.

  12. I would have been there ASAP if I knew about the cookies...LOL! But now that I have my book in hand I'll be Crazy at Home for a while. LOL! Gotta love a good pun!
    Sending you love and prayers, lots and lots of prayers!!! B=)

  13. Have a safe trip to be with Megan. You are a terrific mom. Hey, your mom is a terrific mom ---- so it is in those genes. Cannot wait to get the next book! Everything looks so cute......altho I did not spy any cookies. :-)
    Vaya con Dios.

  14. I've just received today the last Quilt Country magazine and found there your beautiful Xmas projects. They're really fantastic! I'm, admiring (maybe that's spanglish?) your works. I love them.

    Have a safe trip. Take care.
    Mis mejores deseos :)

  15. Hey everyone....I finally figured out how to use my phone hot spot with my laptop...I am a bit technologically challenged....Thanks for all the nice comments....Jo Ann

  16. JoAnn, your book signing event was so wonderful! I can hardly wait to start one of your fun projects. As always your Moms cookies were so yummy!!! She is so sweet. Lots of prayers coming your way...hugs to you and Megan. Miss you!