Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little bit of Market

It has been awhile since I found time to write all of you, so I thought I would give you a little update....

I am all settled into my apartment in Portland...I was able to take a flying visit to Quilt Market in Houston. Kathy, my sister, and Sharon and Joe (the owners of the Loft) went down and put up my booth for me...after they had done all the work, I came in for a little over a day and got to enjoy it....

These are not the best photos, but they did a great job on the booth....It looked wonderful. Mary and Porter Versfelt who live in Houston again lent us sure helps to have something to put your stuff on...What we didn't borrow from them, Joe drove down in his truck....It sure is nice to have such great friends and family.

This is Kathy hard at work telling someone all about Crazy at Home....I can never thank them all enough! Market is fun...but a whole lot of work too.

I am all settled into my apartment in Portland. Megan had her first chemo treatment last week and is doing well. She had several really achy and tired days after it, but is feeling good this week. Thanks all of you for your prayers and good wishes....they mean so much.

Bye for now and if I don't post again before it, have a very wonderful Thanksgiving....Jo Ann


  1. Your booth looked great at market! Sending you, your daughter and her entire family lots of good thoughts and warm hugs!

  2. I will continue to pray for your daughter and you too as you spend this time with her. I pray that you trust the Lord for his healing touch.

    Your booth looks wonderful and I want you to know that I have both of your books and don't think I would have ever tried crazy quilting if it were not for your sweet books and the ease of directions:) I thank you:)

  3. That is so wonderful to have good friends to help you out at market. Your booth looks lovely!!

    My prayers are with you and your family.

  4. Jo Ann! Your booth looks awesome! I am so glad to hear Megan is doing well and that you are settled in Portland. I will continue to have positive thoughts for Megan, you and your entire family!

    ~ Karina

  5. My prayers for your daugther. It's really nice to hear she's fealing better.
    Mis mejores deseos

  6. I was at the Loft tonight and we all missed you but I know how important it is right now for you to be in Portland. I am keeping you all in my prayers! Give Megan a big hug and tell her that we are all behind her here in San Diego!!! Hugs!

  7. And found time for buying goodies....which I bought today! All take care I'm sure the grandkids are sure enjoying your time. Enjoy the holidays cheri

  8. The booth looked great!We all miss you and keeping Megan in our Prayers. Today as I reorganized my wools by colors. I can't believe
    how much wool I have. JoAnn you and your wool crazy has started a fun obsession with wool.

  9. Booth looked beautiful. Prayers to you and your family. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Just found your blog! Your booth and your book look amazing! I'll be praying for you and your daughter and hopefully we'll have good news to share when we meet at another Market.