Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally! Here I am again.....

Hey everyone!
It has been so long since I have written, I don't even know where to start. I haven't been sewing a whole lot, so I don't have much to share with you on that. The last time I wrote, I had just moved up to Portland for awhile and then flew off to Quilt Market.

Well, I am still living in Portland helping out in anyway I can with Megan and her family. Life up there is sooooo different weather wise than San Diego. Here is a photo of my street the first week I was there. The fall colors were beautiful.....

....and here is a photo of my sister Marlene and her husband Thomas' home in Washington with a Christmas snow.....Something we definitely do not have at home. I have gone out a few times to visit with them. Gene came up to spend 9 days at Christmas and we had a big family sleepover on the 26th...it was wall to wall beds!

.....and here is Megan and her husband, John. As most of you know she is fighting a second bought of cancer. I moved up to Portland when she started her chemo. Unfortunately the cancer wasn't impressed by this treatment at all! It was such a disappointment. She is now involved in a clinical trial for a drug nicknamed "Ippy"...She has had 2 doses of it and will have 2 more before they test her to see how it is working. So many of you have written that you are praying for her. Thanks so much for keeping her in your thoughts....and any prayers you can add for this new treatment would be great.

Last week we all flew down to San Diego, so that Megan could see all of the family. I am one of six kids and my sister Kathy had a big family dinner last Friday night. Here are my grandchildren who we forced into a picture. It was nice to have them all together. The next day Megan and John took their two to Disneyland and then they flew home yesterday.

I am staying home until next Monday.....I had a lot of paperwork to do for JAM...and we decided to finally remodel our bathroom while I am gone, so I am busy trying to order tile, fixtures, etc. It is a hassle getting it going, but this bathroom should have been condemned years ago....:))) ...and I finally can get rid of the awful bedroom carpet....YEAH!!!!

I am designing a new block of the month for The Country Loft...it is a mystery quilt. Each month they will unveil the next block until you have the whole quilt....it is called Folk Branches...This is the first block, Crow Branch. We thought it would be a fun way to present it and this gives me some extra time to get it together too....(true confessions)

I will try to be better about writing....and keeping you posted on things. Again, thanks for all your notes and good wishes. I hope that some of you have been trying the new projects in Crazy at Home....If you have, send me photos of what you have done....:)))
Bye for now.....Jo Ann


  1. Glad to hear from you. I will be sending positive, healing thoughts to you and your daughter. Love the start of the BOM.

  2. Hi Jo Ann
    We all miss you and are praying for Megan and all your family, Hugs Cheri

  3. So good to hear from you JoAnn. I'm praying the trial med works for Megan!!

  4. I am glad to hear of your report. Been praying for your daughter. How nice it is that you can be near her to help out. I really hope and pray that this new trial of meds helps her out.

    That BOM is sweet. Very sweet

    God's blessings to you and your family,

  5. I really hope things will just improve from here. You can tell which ones are Megan's. Unless those Oregon shirts are gifts!

    Looking forward to the BOM. Very cute......

  6. The post was wonderful, thank you for sharing it with us. My prayers to your sister and to you.

  7. Actually the Oregon t-shirt kids belong to my son, Andy....I gave the shirts to them at Christmas.....The two youngest kids are Megan's....Sophie is 3 and Nick (the short blond hair) is almost 6. Thanks for all the positive wishes....Jo Ann

  8. JoAnn, thank you for the post, and sharing about what your Daughter and family are going through. You are all in my prayers. My husband has been going through eye cancer, but is starting to heal now, and things look good. I know it has been extra hard with everything right in the middle of holidays, but know so many people are thinking of you all and praying! Take care! Jeni

  9. So nice to hear from you JoAnn. Thanks so much for sharing. You and your family are still my prayers.

  10. So glad you are back ~ we have been thinking of you and sending good wishes. Will continue to send those good wishes. You be sure to take care,

  11. I am very glad to read again.
    Megan has your smile, I hope she wille be better whith he new traitment.
    Take care

  12. Hi JoAnn..good to read you when it is not possible to see you... I am keeping my thoughts for your daughter held high as are my prayers for her recovery...
    Pat in Huntington Beach

  13. Hi JoAnn...what wonderful family pictures adn what a blessing you must be to your daughter in Portland! She is in my thoughts. I just received my first two Folk Art Branches BOM packs...so excited! They are wonderful. I did the House one you designed eons ago and loved it!



  14. Joanne, it was so good to see you while you were in town. Your grandkids are so cute Love that photo!!! Megan is so positive and pretty and just want you to know she and all of you are in my prayers everyday.