Friday, April 8, 2011

How to make a carrot

In my last post I showed you a bunch of carrots and promised I would be back to tell you how to make them. I have never tried to do a project online like this before, so I hope that it works...:) I am definitely not a computer whiz and just downloading the photos so they come up in the right order almost did me in!

Below you will see all the ingredients you need to make them.....I got my handmade paper at the Paper Zone and the Paper Source. You should buy 20"x30" sheets (or larger) of both orange and green. I bought 3 types of orange and 3 of green ...each sheet of orange will give you enough for 8 carrots and you will be able to get about 12 tops out of the green sheets. You will also need newspaper, rubber bands, Stiffy and I used a make-up sponge to apply the Stiffy.

Cut your sheet of newsprint in half. Fold in two opposite edges so that the tips are together. Then fold in the third as shown.....Now start rolling into a cone shape....Tape the edge closed....Now take a second sheet of newsprint and folding it the same add it to the outside of the first. Make them different lengths and widths so that you can get a variety of sizes of carrots.

Now place your carrot onto a piece of your orange paper. (I folded the large sheet into eighths and then cut on the lines to get the working size).... With the sponge rub the stiffy onto the orange paper....Now fold up the bottom and then start rolling it aroung the newspaper cone.

Here I tried to show you step by step how to roll the paper....Continue adding stiffy as you roll and then when you are finished be sure to rub it all around the carrot so that you have no edges of paper sticking up.

Cut a strip of green. Mine was about 3"-4" in height and about 10" long....Cut a fringe leaving about 1" across the bottom....Put stiffy all along the bottom edge and lay your carrot as shown...start rolling and squeeze in the top of the carrot as you do. Add stiffy as necessary. Double a thin rubber band and put on the base of the greens. Take a small strip of the green and with stiffy on it wrap around the rubber band....and there you have your carrot.

Hope you have fun making them and as you can see it will be easy to make tons of them...:) See I promised you wouldn't need a green thumb, but I must warn you that your hands will be covered with glue and bits of paper before you are done!

Happy Gardening.....Jo Ann


  1. Jo Ann, you did a great job showing us how to make carrots! How much fun was that!!! Thank you. I'm going to make some.
    You're the greatest... Love, Susy Q

  2. Jo Ann That was a great tutorial. That would be a fun project to do!! Cheri

  3. I see a new skill set Jo Ann :) Very well done!