Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring in Portland

Spring is trying to peek it's head out in Portland. Everywhere you look daffodils are popping up. I especially love them, because we really don't see them in San Diego. It just doesn't get cold enough for the bulbs. I was telling Nick (my 6 year old grandson) this last week and he couldn't believe it.
......and the trees are blooming! There is a street near my apartment that is just lined with these beautiful pink blossoms.

Megan and John are on a weekend away. Megan if feeling really well right now and John's family gave them a few nights at the Oregon coast for Christmas, so they took off on Friday evening. What a beautiful time of year to be traveling.

Happy Spring everyone! It's time to take that stitching outdoors and astound your friends!


  1. Hi JoAnn! Happy Spring Back to you! We have been busy stitching our wool crazy quilts at the loft.Linda's quilt looks really nice.I guess you don't have to use wool on everything. Lol!
    I am close to actually putting a border on. Have a happy Sunday, Cheri

  2. After being in San Diego, it's kind of like you get two Springs. Glad you are getting some quality time with your family.

  3. The trees must have opened up between my trips to Portland. I love visiting in the spring- everything is so green and pretty and here in Central Oregon everything is still brown.

    I'm glad your daughter is feelign well.

  4. Hi JoAnn...glad you are enjoying Spring! I am trying to keep up with my shows, my wool crazy is on the back burner :( but I am stitching one of your patterns for Spring right now! Love it!!! Hugs to you all and lots of sweet prayers for Megan.