Thursday, April 21, 2011

A visit to the vineyard

Last Sunday, Andy's family (including Charger, their almost 2 year old golden), Nick and Megan (Sophie was sick so John and she stayed home) and I all hopped into cars and headed east on the freeway and then over the bridge from Hood River into Washington. My sister Marlene and her husband Thomas own a vineyard up in the hills outside of the small town of Husum, Washington. Here is a view of part of the vineyard from the house....It is a beautiful setting. I almost always feel like I am Heidi looking over the hills....:)

The minute the car doors opened the kids and Charger took off running....It is the perfect place for that and it was a beautiful day. Below are Glenda and Alana walking through the vines...

......and with such a great hill who could resist rolling down it.....All of Andy's kids joined in.... did Nick. He was in heaven following Pierce and Collin around....there is nothing like older cousins to take you under their wings....

.......and of course there had to be a battle! Charger was right in the middle of it........

......It was one of those perfect days. Thomas took all the kids into his workshop before we left and let them build with his scrap lumber...great reminders of a day in the country.

Andy, Glenda, Pierce, Collin, Alana and Charger left on Tuesday....they were headed for a few nights camping in the Redwoods and then on home. Their visit was wonderful....but way too short.

Megan had a pet scan yesterday and meets with her doctor tomorrow....For the last 6 weeks she has felt good and looks great. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers....Let's hope that "Ippy" is still doing it's job!!!!!!!

I wish you all a Happy Easter with family and friends.....Jo Ann


  1. Hi Jo Ann, What a wonderful picture.All the kids look like their having fun! Have a Happy Easter and were all thinking about your family and keeping them in all of our Prayers. Love the Vineyard WoW! Cheri

  2. Hi, Jo Ann! Mark and I miss seeing you at The Country Loft! I hope all is going well. We are thinking of you...


  3. What a wonderful day in the country!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! Hope all goes well..sending nothing but good thoughts your way!

  4. Wow! It looks beautiful and not raining! What a fun way to spend the day.
    Prayers for a good report tomorrow!~!

  5. Although we miss you greatly we know you are where you should be for now. Love seeing the kids play. We are still sending our prayers Megana's way.

    You have a great Easter also..


  6. Ippy is still doing it's job and the tumors have not grown....and no new ones have appeared! Next test will be in 6 we are back to waiting. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers....

  7. I also am enjoying the great weather in Portland this weekend...and the wool! I hope you'll add my blog to your list and then you will have spread the message of the wool even farther!