Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Beautiful Baby Shower

 Last Saturday I went to a baby shower for Natalie (my friend Peggy's daughter) and it was done so beautifully I just had to share!

Here are the party favors displayed on an cupboard in the entry....

......and a framed piece announcing the baby's nickname, COCO.....her brother plans on calling her Coconut!

Our friend Raffael made this "wish tree" where we could all write messages to the mom and baby...

......and here is Peggy taking the wonderful food (enough for an army) out of the oven. They even decorated the kitchen!

......the table ready for all of us....the baby's room is going to be in gold, cream and pink and they carried that theme through on the shower....

....even the coffee had it's own display.....This is the mudroom .....Don't you love it?

....the rocking chair was all set up for Natalie and I loved how the little girl clothes were hung in the window.  This will be one well dressed baby girl!
They painted Natalie's changing table gold and used it for the presents .....the scarf hanging on the left was a prize for the one game we played.....
It was a FUN day and everything was PERFECT!  Hope you enjoyed seeing it and getting a peek at Peggy's home. 
All my best....Jo Ann


  1. That is a really fun way to decorate for a shower. I need to start thinking of ideas of my DIL, we will be having a grandson in the spring, so need to figure it out.


  2. How cute to hang the sweet little girl clothing on a line.
    Everything looks lovely !

  3. beautiful baby shower with lots of fun gifts and ideas for displaying! always nice to have a new baby to celebrate! enjoy your day!!