Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mr. Jack Rabbit

Happy New Year everyone!  Sorry I haven't written in awhile.  Life has just gotten in the way!

We have been is true what they say about retirement....."When did I find time to work!"

I have finished one project though....Meet Mr. Jack Rabbit....He is my class project for my "visiting teacher" class at The Country Loft on March 1st.  He is all ready to meet Cara T. Rabbit (my bunny from last year)....He has flowers galore for her!  They make a cute couple  don't you think?

If you are in La Mesa next Saturday stop by The Loft and see all the new fun things they have planned for this year.  Great blocks of the month and cute kits galore for you....

Hope your year is starting out GREAT!  Jo Ann


  1. He is adorable!! I wish I was closer to take a class!!

  2. Really cute! I need to move to California so I could take your classes!

  3. JoAnn! This is so cute! Can't wait to sign up

  4. Mr. Jack Rabbit has toes! I love them. Thanks Jo Ann.
    Thinking of you... Susy